A Coffee break to free the mind

Laura, a stylist and photographer working at Designtales and Our Food Stories, tells us about all the new ideas she gets while drinking coffee – and she educates about the similarities between Melitta® AMANO and her analog camera.

“A coffee break is always a little reward to look forward to.”

Simple and elegant design

I work a lot with technical devices such as my camera, my laptop and my cellphone. That makes taking the time to brew a coffee manually all the more pleasant. Being a photographer, I have a foible for beautiful design, so I adore the simple and elegant Amano Pour Over cafetière by Melitta. Melitta Amano looks like a timeless classic – like my beloved analog cameras – and looks beautiful in our kitchen. The Pour Over System fits in seamlessly, I especially love the golden accents.

The Drip Stop of the Melitta Amano enhances the Blooming

The winter gets especially cozy when Nora heats up our little stove in the kitchen. The fire flares and I am able to heat a pot of water directly on the fire. Whilst the water heats up, I pour the ground coffee in the Melitta Amano and plan the day’s upcoming actions. When I am really lucky, Nora serves a piece of leftover cake from the last photo shooting ;)

After the preparations follows the moment I love the most: the hot water steams as it pours into the filter of the Melitta Amano (a photographer’s heart always leaps at that sight) and the luscious aroma of the coffee diffuses through the whole kitchen, a smell enhancing every other sense. A great detail is the integrated drip stop: a little cog that, when closed, stops coffee from splashing from the removed glass jug. This function supports the Coffee Blooming – the ground coffee gets wetted optimally and the fine aroma can develop to perfection.

Timeless classic

The afternoon is best to take a longer coffee break, to gather my thoughts and energy for the second half of the day. I love a good cup of coffee to help let my imagination run wild, the ideas for recipes, photo shootings and locations always come easily. It is the best motivation for the rest of the day.

Filter cones and coffee on travel

Traveling by car, we usually take filter cones and coffee with us – you never know about the lodging’s equipment ;) Plus, taking a piece of home along is always nice. The Melitta Amano is not just an optical eyecatcher, but really convenient – handy and easy to stow away.

A portable coffee brewer always adds to our outdoor-shootings. I work with foods a lot, of which coffee is an important part. Plus, a good cup of coffee is mandatory when we share our sweet recipes on our blog ;) It does not matter when, a coffee break is always a reward I look forward to.


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