The return of mindfulness.

1908 ‒ The brilliant idea.

In 1908, a simple yet ingenious idea revolutionised the pleasure of coffee. Because Melitta Bentz didnʼt like the bitter taste of her coffee, she punched holes in a brass pot, added a sheet of blotting paper from her sonʼs school notebook and let the coffee drip through it. The worldʼs first coffee filter was born ‒ and a solution to a problem was turned into a new business. Today, one would call it a start-up.

An idea catches on.

The triumph of hand-filtered coffee worldwide was thanks to a porcelain filter device and the matching paper filters. When electric coffee machines took over the market in the 1970s, more and more people turned to the efficient and time-saving technology for the fine art of coffee brewing.

Today ‒ the journey continues.

It began with baristas in New York, who rediscovered Pour Over coffee making ‒ taking a stance against the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The mindful pouring of water, the ritual of the process, the slowing down ‒ for you, a way to gain time. A movement which has spread throughout the world. New momentum for Pour Over.

The future.

Integrate the Pour Over movement into your daily routine. Melitta® EPOS® takes you to the next step. A sense-activating experience which combines brewing by hand with innovative technology. Developed for coffee gourmands who are ahead of the curve.

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Full aroma development with small and large preparation quantities, intense, but less bitter taste and hot coffee enjoyment – the Melitta® epour® perfects what matters when you prepare filter coffee, i.e. the details of the brewing process.

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Melitta® AMANO is a statement of holistic thinking. Its exceptional design sets new standards in style and makes Pour Over a ritual for all the senses.

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Pour Over pleasure.

Melitta® EPOS® is the first automatic Pour Over system with integrated grinder that brews coffee as if by hand. It proves that quality and innovation go hand in hand.

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Pour Over coffee filters.

Special paper, special manufacturing process, special design ‒ with the Pour Over coffee filters, you get the most out of your coffee. After all, that is what Pour Over is all about.

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Experience Pour Over live – from the aroma of freshly ground coffee to the ritual of pouring to the moment you take your first sip. The Store Finder shows you the specialist retailers near you.

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