The aroma of freshly ground coffee

Nora, stylist and blogger at Designtales, talks about established rituals and her coffee routine.

„Usually I like drinking pure and simple black coffee while enjoying a little cuddle with our dogs.“

The ritual of making coffee

For me, making coffee is just right for taking a little break to relax and recharge my batteries. As I drive around quite a lot to pick up food and props, or to check our new locations, I really look forward to relaxing with a delicious cup of coffee. It's not just about drinking the coffee: I love the ritual of preparing it and waking Laura up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. Making everyday things more conscious and being able to completely focus on the here and now gives me almost as much energy as the coffee itself.

Coffee awakens childhood memories

Then there is the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee beans throughout the kitchen. For me this brings back memories of my parents, who used to make filter coffee and I remember feeling envious as a child because I wasn't allowed to drink it :)

Sometimes there is a small piece of cake leftover from the previous day's photo shooting, but usually I like drinking pure and simple black coffee while enjoying a little cuddle with our dogs. Or I make myself and Laura a coffee to take with us in an insulated cup (which is very pleasant especially in winter) and we go for a walk with the dogs in the neighbourhood or along the River Spree – Of course I prefer it when the sun is shining. It clears my head and when it's particularly stressful, a little distance works wonders - the work goes well again and I feel much lighter and refreshed.

Aesthetic design in Scandi style

Aesthetic design in Scandi style

We are coffee lovers and freshly ground coffee tastes the best. As we travel a lot in Scandinavia, our home is relatively minimalistic and I often prefer clear, aesthetic design, like the Melitta Epos Gold, which blends in beautifully with my kitchen, especially the small touches of golden colour give the machine a high-end flair that I personally find very appealing. My ‘minimalism’ probably comes from the fact that I cook a lot and it can get pretty hectic and chaotic in the kitchen. Especially then, it is very important for me that my home is tidy, neutral and calming.

Regular time off and good coffee

Since we have had hardly any time off in recent years – as is usually the case with people who are self-employed – we introduced a ‘time off’ rule this year - Sundays are free. We have a lie-in read, enjoy being in nature or have a delicious dinner with friends in the evening. But the most important part is in the morning: Drifting into the kitchen half asleep and making fresh coffee with the Melitta Epos and then snuggling back into bed. Afterwards enjoying a few pancakes or waffles - the perfect way to start the day.


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